Zwift 使用笔记

zwift使用的一段时间了,下面是zwift 笔记。



1. 骑行台 
   Garmin NEO T2 (原来为TACX, 公司被Garmin收购)
   Tacx Flux 2 Smart Direct Drive Trainer
   NEO 2T Smart 智能骑行台
    产品号 010-02413-76  价格:¥ 12,990
   Garmin 摇车板
   NEO 2T 骑行台专用摇车板
   产品号 010-13193-01
   ¥ 1,680(原价 ¥ 2,680)
2. 心率带
3. Apple TV、 iPad、 Apple 手机


zwift 。每月98元。 


界面 (资料来源zwift
1 The Menu
The menu is where you can get to features like your user profile, avatar customization, your settings, a summary of your stats for the current ride and more!
2 The Leaderboards
The leaderboards correspond with the segments for the course you're on.
3 The Numbers
This is where you'll see your current efforts based on your sensors. The big number is your watts (power), and your cadence and heart rate will also show up here if you have those sensors paired.
4  Connection Alert
          A Connection Failure message will display across the top of this panel if any of your connected devices suffers a disconnect. If your devices status is shown in this panel, the displayed info for the failed device will dim and display "--".
5 System Alert
A system alert will display across the top of the display if your ANT+ or Bluetooth disconnects, or if your internet connection disconnects or becomes unstable.
6 PowerUps
PowerUps give a minor bonus to either your performance or Rider Level Experience when used. Each time you pass through an arch—you can get a new one—as long as you don't have one already.
       这个图标开始使用时候不清楚含义,经常出现,所以专门查了一下 ( 资料链接
       PowerUps in Zwift give you either immediate XP (【详见14,experience points (XP),经验值】)or a very short “boost.” In Zwift’s early days powerups were outlawed by most race organizers, but over time Zwifters have come to embrace the use of powerups as a virtual substitute for the mechanicals, shifting winds, and other variables common to outdoor riding. They truly add a necessary element of randomness and strategy to Zwift racing.

7 Rider Level
Zwift has a level progression system: the more you ride, the more points you accumulate, and the higher your level. The current max level is 60.
8 Speed
This shows your current virtual speed in Zwift and takes into account factors like drafting; the grade you're on; and your weight. You can change the display to Imperial or Metric units through Settings.
9 Route Name and Progress Bar
This is where you'll see your current route name and your route progress during free rides. If your route has a lead-in, that's shown at the beginning of the bar. If you choose to do additional laps after completing your route, the progress bar will reset and if applicable, the lead-in portion will be removed.
10 Total Distance for this Ride
This is your total distance traveled in Zwift for this ride. You can change the display to Imperial or Metric units through Settings.
11 Rider Experience Bar
This progress bar shows how far along you are to your next rider level. The present at the end of the progress bar is unlocked when you level up.
12 Total Elevation Climbed this Ride
This is your total elevation climbed in Zwift for this ride. You can change the display to Imperial or Metric units through Settings.
13 Total Moving Time this Ride
This is your total moving time for your current session. Any time you stop—this counter will stop too. It's important to remember segments track your total elapsed time that you spend inside that portion of the course—which is different from your total time—and not visible until you see the timer for the segment. In other words, if you're setting a lap time, the leaderboard timer doesn't stop for you to grab another water bottle.
14 Experience Points
To level up in Zwift, you need to collect experience points (XP). You will automatically gain XP as you ride on Zwift. When you gain XP, the points you've earned pop up next to the Rider Experience Bar.
15 Minimap
The minimap gives you a better idea of your location on the course. You can change the view of the map by selecting it. Selecting once zooms out a bit, selecting a second time zooms way out for an overhead view.
16 Course Profile
       At the bottom of the minimap is a zoomed out view of the course profile, so you can see what's coming up for the route you're on. The big pin is you, and the arrow indicates the direction you're riding. All the smaller pins are other Zwifters around you. The upside-down pins indicate the segments on the course in relation to your current position. The percentage shows the current grade of the course. As the grade increases, the numbers will increase in size and turn red.
17 Riders Nearby List
This is a list of all the other Zwifters who are online, sorted by how close they are in proximity to you. You can see their w/kg; approximately how far ahead or behind you they are; the length of their current ride or run; and which country they're from. If someone has a jersey for a segment—it will show up here.
18 Action Bar
Normally hidden—you can bring up the Action Bar by pressing the 'Up' arrow key (Mac/PC), swiping up on the screen (iOS), or swiping up on the Apple Remote's touch pad (Apple TV). You can also access these tiles from the Zwift Companion app while in-game. See the table below for the individual tiles' functions.

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